Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hair Update

Hello Loves,

So the last time you seen my hair it was pretty much a natural hot mess! But, since then I made the decision to relax my hair. Now, the decision was kind of difficult, because I was at a loss. I had spent about 7 months with no chemicals in my hair, and I felt as if I was giving up if I relaxed. On the other hand, if I didn't relax my hair, I felt that I would be trying to live up to others standards of my hair, and would not completely love my hair.

The number one reason I chose to relax my hair was because, every time I blow dried my hair to wear it straight, within a few hours, I would see it starting to POOF! And I hated that. I'm the type of person, that likes to go somewhere looking one way, and staying that way.

So, I relaxed at about the 2nd to last week of April, and I LOVE IT! I've been wearing my hair naturally curly majority of the time, and it definitely feels great. I love just washing my hair and going, instead of dealing with the blow dryer and flat iron. But from time to time, I do straighten my hair. I have yet to follow a strict hair regime, but all will come with time.